Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Nudging Generosity: Choice Architecture and Cognitive Factors in Charitable Giving

With Jonathan Schulz and Christian Thöni

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 74, pp. 139-145, April 2018.

Doing it Twice, Getting it Right? The Effects of Grade Retention and Course Repetition in Higher Education

With Darjusch Tafreschi

Economics of Education Review55, pp. 198-219, December 2016.

After-School Care and Parents' Labor Supply

With Christina Felfe and Michael Lechner

Labour Economics42, pp. 62-75, October 2016.

Financial Work Incentives for Disability Benefit Recipients: Lessons from a Randomized Field Experiment

With Monika Bütler, Eva Deuchert, Michael Lechner, and Stefan Staubli

IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 4(1), pp. 1-18, December 2015.

Working papers

Inequality in Education Outcomes: The Role of Sorting among Students, Teachers, and Schools

Winner of the EEA Young Economist Award at the Conference of the European Economic Association 2017.

Work in progress

Closing the Teacher Quality Gap: An Empirical Assessment of Teacher Assignment Problems

With Geert Ridder, Bryan S. Graham, and Gema Zamarro

Analysis of Linear Functional Regression and its Application to Peer Effects

With Joel Horowitz and Hyungsik Roger Moon

Selection into Experiments

With Jonathan Schulz, Uwe Sunde, and Christian Thöni

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