Publications in peer-reviewed journals


Nudging Generosity: Choice Architecture and Cognitive Factors in Charitable Giving

With Jonathan Schulz and Christian Thöni

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 74, pp. 139-145, April 2018.



Doing it Twice, Getting it Right? The Effects of Grade Retention and Course Repetition in Higher Education

With Darjusch Tafreschi

Economics of Education Review55, pp. 198-219, December 2016.



After-School Care and Parents' Labor Supply

With Christina Felfe and Michael Lechner

Labour Economics42, pp. 62-75, October 2016.



Financial Work Incentives for Disability Benefit Recipients: Lessons from a Randomized Field Experiment

With Monika Bütler, Eva Deuchert, Michael Lechner, and Stefan Staubli

IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 4(1), pp. 1-18, December 2015.



Working papers


Teacher-to-classroom assignment and student achievement

With Bryan S. Graham, Geert Ridder, and Gema Zamarro



Inequality in Education Outcomes: The Role of Sorting among Students, Teachers, and Schools

Winner of the EEA Young Economist Award at the Conference of the European Economic Association 2017.



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